Commissioning is the systematic testing of equipment to ensure it is operating per the design intent and specifications. This is a process that works to not only verify the proper operation of equipment, but to give building Owners and Operators useful information regarding how the building will actually operate. We specialize in the following services:

  • Peer Review of MEP Systems During Design
  • Preparation of Commissioning Specifications and RFP’s
  • Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Functional Testing of MEP Building Systems
  • LEED Building Commissioning
  • Energy Code Commissioning
  • O+M Documentation

Energy Modeling

Our reputation is built on technical expertise and a pragmatic approach to capital investments in the energy performance of building systems. This includes HVAC systems, Lighting and Lighting controls, Plumbing, building envelope, and daylighting. Energy modeling allows design teams to make informed decisions on building systems and to meet projected energy targets. Modeling, when integrated early on in the design process can lead the design to a better overall performing building.

We offer the following services in energy modeling:

  • Parametric modeling runs for building system comparison
  • LEED Energy Modeling
  • ASHRAE appendix G and Section 11 Energy Modeling for energy code compliance- NYCECC and IECC
  • NY compliance for Local Law 86 and EO88

Sustainability Consulting

We serve as leaders and educators in helping a design team achieve their sustainability goals. This can be in the form of a rating system, such as LEED, or as setting a foundation for sustainable design in a project not pursuing a rating system. Consulting services include:

  • Establishing and facilitating Owner’s sustainability goals
  • LEED Services – Architect, MEP, and Contractor credits
  • Preparing specifications for Sustainable materials and processes
  • Peer review during design for sustainable opportunities
  • Construction Administration Quality Control for sustainability targets

Construction Administration – Quality Control-MEP

Acting as the Owner’s representative or on behalf of the Construction Manager, this role provides a qualified, third-party monitoring of the construction for the MEP trades. We oversee contractors work to identify proper construction techniques, materials, and equipment to ensure the contractor’s compliance with Contract Documents.
In a design-build or design-assist building community, this service becomes even more valuable to the Owner and Construction Manager.
CA QC activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Visit the site regularly during construction to observe progress and quality of the Work
  • Submit written reports of site visits and meetings
  • Keep the Owner informed of the progress and quality of the work
  • Notify Owner and Contractor in writing of any work not conforming with the Construction Documents or best practices
  • Make recommendations as to correction of the deficiencies or defects
  • Review Contractor’s submittals
  • Review Contractor’s guarantees and warranties
  • Review Contractor’s record drawings, O&M instructions, and all other close-out documentation

HVAC Design Services

The approach to HVAC design is to apply the right system to the appropriate client and climate. At Flick Engineering Professionals, there is no such thing as cookie cutter. HVAC solutions are presented to the client that match the needs of the space, taking into consideration time and capital constraints. We educate Clients on the latest in HVAC system optimization and control strategies, keeping energy efficiency as the root of our designs. Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, minimal operating costs, and built to last systems. Experience includes central utility plant infrastructure design, package, unitary, central and distributed systems for low- and mid-rise building types.

Licensed in New York and Louisiana

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